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Important: Please check your email junk/promotions folders for the email receipt with download links.

Important: Your links expire after 30 days. Please try to download them before they expire. You can request new links later if required.


If you experience any issues unzipping the files, please try unzipping the zip files that you download by using the free app ‘Unarchiver’. Tom made a video explaining what to do if you run into problems unzipping the files. https://youtu.be/cFoKwU_UfA8

If you are using Apple’s Safari as your browser, you’ll want to switch off the default ZIP auto extraction setting. Here’s a video showing how to do that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbKgEv47WVA

Downloading Instructions

1 – Create a folder on your hard disk titled ‘F4’.
2 – Click on the download links below (one at a time) to begin each download and be sure to save them in your ‘F4’ folder.
3 – Download the links one at a time to avoid incomplete downloads.
4 – Do NOT try to open the zip files until they are FULLY downloaded. If you have a slow internet connection we have provided smaller HD files for the F4 Road Trip.
5 – Once fully downloaded, simply double click on a zip file to open it and choose ‘Extract All’. You can also right click and choose ‘Extract All’. You’ll want to extract them into your lovely new ‘F4’ folder.
6 – To watch the videos, simply double click on the .mp4 files found in each folder.
7 – To extract the RAW files (if purchased) that we’ve included, simple follow the same steps as above.

iPhone and iPad Users:

Apple mobile devices cannot unzip ZIP files. You can download the zip files on to your phone but you’ll need a computer or an android device to actually unzip them and extract the files. Once the video files have been extracted you can watch them on any device.
If you require additional support please get in touch via the contact form with a detailed description of what you need help with.

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